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Discover where your friends hang out on the social web. Hoverme gives you instant access to the social web profile of each of your friends. The profile contains links to their profiles on sites such a...

Version: 1

Updated : 23 August, 2017
Languages: English

Hoverme is a browser plugin that will enhance your social web experience. The new release works on both the new Twitter web interface and Facebook. With Hoverme installed you will be able to view the social web profile for each of your friends simply by mousing over their profile pictures in your Facebook News Feed. PeerIndex which provides a measure of your online social capital has been added to Hoverme. You can view the PeerIndex of any user in your Twitter stream simply by clicking their profile image. The PeerIndex value will be display in the Profile pane on the right-hand side of the Twitter web interface. Clicking on the PeerIndex value will take you to the full PeerIndex profile page.

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