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TweetMinus will let you know if anyone stops following you on Twitter. Each time you to go, it will check and let you know.

Version: 1

Updated : 23 August, 2017
Languages: English

If you have ever wondered how many people are unfollowing you at any given time, now you can find out. Prior to this extension, there weren't any extensions that offered what TweetMinus offers. There were a few websites (separate from Twitter) that would tell you when someone unfollowed you. But never, UNTIL NOW, has there been a way to see on if someone has unfollowed you. I built this app to satisfy my inner-narcissism, and let me know when people have rejected me. HOW WILL YOU KNOW? If someone unfollows you, the next time you come to Twitter, you will be notified on the top right of your screen of the persons name and screen name (see attached screenshot). I will be making regular updates to this app... so please check back for updates soon.

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