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Craigslist Inliner

Author: Michael Grace
Browse listings faster by loading them inline

Version: 1

Updated : 23 August, 2017
Languages: English

If you have ever spent much time looking through listings on Craigslist you may have gotten frustrated with how long it takes to look at each item by clicking the link. Now there is a better way by loading the items inline using this Kynetx app. The app will recognize a listing page and present a button to load the listings inline. Click the button and you are on your way to finding the best deals faster. You can now also view all the listings on the page by images. Click the "View by images" button and the app will load all the images from the listings onto the page for you to look through. Clicking on an image will open the listing in a new page. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UDATE 07/28/2011 fixed issue with app loading non listing links

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