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Mustachify Everything

Author: bethings
Runs every single image through the excellent

Version: 1

Updated : 23 August, 2017
Languages: English

Ever been looking at your friends' pictures online and wished more of them would man-up and grow a moustache? Of course, we've all felt that way. Well, now you don't have to wait around for that upper lip hair, at least not while you're looking at other people's pictures. Mustachify Everything uses the excellent site on every single picture on every single site you visit. You'll never miss a 'stache again. (Note that not every picture can be mustachified, but if there is a problem loading the mustachified version, your original images will still display as normal. Also note that some sites will load new pictures without reloading the page. These won't be mustachified automatically, but they will get mustachified when you hover your mouse over the picture.)